Manage archive files with support for ZIP, TAR, JAR, RAR, 7Z and more
ALZip v8.5
14 Aug 2014
Editorial review
ALZip v8.1
12 Oct 2010
ALZip v8.0
28 May 2010
Editorial review
ALZip v8.0b
8.0 β
6 May 2010
ALZip v7.4
12 Jan 2009
Editorial review
ALZip v7.4b
7.4 β
10 Dec 2009
ALZip v7.0
14 Feb 2008
Editorial review
ALZip v7.0b
7.0 β
7 Oct 2012
ALZip v6.7
1 Mar 2008

What's new

v8.5 [9 Nov 2011]
- Added: Support for deflate64 and PPMD algorithm.
- Added: Support for 7zip LZMA2 algorithm.
- Added: "Open folder after extraction" option added in Extraction window.
- Added: Drag & Drop function on left explorer.
- Changed: "Open folder after extraction" and "Create filename folder under selected folder" options to be set as default.
- Changed: CD Image formats (iso, lcd, bin, nrg, img) not to be associated when ALZip is installed.
- Changed: Span Archive size and species.
- Changed: File not to be opened when adding by dragging open XML type files (docx and xlsx).
- Changed: Default path in Extract window has changed to "My Documents" when extracting file on temporary path.
- Fixed: "Open Folder" option in Compression Complete window after adding files by dragging to an existing archive.
- Fixed: "Task to Run After Extraction" option in ALZip Self-Extractor.
- Fixed: Security issues in certain compressed archives.
- Fixed: File not opening when "part" is used as a split RAR archive name.
- Fixed: File not extracting to the path entered in Extract window.
- Fixed: "Delete Extracted Files after Running" option in Create ALZip Self-Extractor window not activating.
- Fixed: "Task to Run After Extraction" option in Create ALZip Self-Extractor window not working.
- Fixed: Error when Set ALZip as Default Program window is moved.
- Fixed: Error when opening split .ALZ SFX file.
- Improved: Open up speed for file archive.
- Updated: bzip2 library (1.0.6).
- EGG Format: Fixed errors and improved performance of EGG format.

v8.1 [12 Oct 2010]
- Improved: ALZip program opens faster
- Fixed: Security issue relevant to .DLL files (2269637)

v8.0 [28 May 2010]
ALZip is a one-stop archiving and compression program designed for speed and ease of use. Beginners can easily perform advanced tasks, while power users can do things faster. With support for more compression and archiving formats than any other major utility, ALZip is the only ZIP utility you'll ever need. You can open 36 archive and compression file formats, open CD image files (ISO, BIN), open virtual CD files (LCD), create 8 archive and compression file formats, create self-extracting files (EXE), split files for easy transfers, recover lost passwords from ZIP files, integrate antivirus software, automate tasks with ALZip command-line functions, and get more done faster. The ALTools family of free PC utilities share the same cute Egghead characters, are a fun addition to any computer, are ideal for children, and powerful enough for IT pros.

v7.0 [14 Feb 2008]
Full Vista and x64 support, Speed Extractor, Update and Restore overwrite options, fixes, Valencian translation added

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